2019 Webinar 6-Pack


2019 Webinar 6-Pack


Save 20% when you purchase all 6 of the 2019 live webinars.

Includes access to:

2019 Webinar 1: The 3C’s of Community Partnerships - live webinar

2019 Webinar 2: A Prenatal SBIRT System - live webinar

2019 Webinar 3: Meeting the Needs of Newborns Affected by Prenatal Substance Exposure - live webinar

2019 Webinar 4: Early Childhood/Preschool: Assuring Access to Earliest Intervention - live webinar

2019 Webinar 5: School-Based Systems: The Narrow Gate Where All Children Gather - live webinar

2019 Webinar 6: Why is Prevention so Difficult? - live webinar

Each webinar is presented by Dr. Ira J. Chasnoff and includes a live Q & A session after the presentation.

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Hosted by Dr. Ira J. Chasnoff

Each webinar approximately 75-minutes.

Live Q&A following presentations.