Cause & Consequence: Behavior Management System, CD-ROM


Cause & Consequence: Behavior Management System, CD-ROM


Cause & Consequence is an interactive behavior management system that guides parents and teachers through a progressive problem-solving process. Grounded in basic principles of preventive behavior management, research has shown that the system successfully addresses children's behavioral difficulties while improving communication between the school and home

The Cause & Consequence software includes:

  • Interactive content information with videos, graphics, and exercises that teach users basic information about alcohol/drug exposed children and their behavioral difficulties.
  • Skill builder for interactive learning that guides parents in understanding & managing children’s behaviors.
  • Interactive behavioral matrix for selecting progressive behavior management interventions that move from least intrusive to most intrusive.
  • Record Keeper for recording and tracking the child’s behaviors and attempted interventions.
  • Opportunities for clinical consultation with Dr. Chasnoff and his staff.
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