Parents to the End


Parents to the End


Armed with the twin swords of guilt and anxiety, many baby boomers are marching toward retirement to a tune unlike any that their own parents heard a generation ago. Just when the expected peace of mind and an empty nest seem right around the corner, far too many boomers are discovering a different reality - their adult children living at home without contributing to the household.

To help parents save themselves from distress and spur their children to get on-track, Herman offers practical strategies and poignant insights. Throughout Parents to the End, she recognizes the delicate balance that parents must strike between giving appropriate help to their adult children and just enabling them, while also taking into account individual differences and needs.

Parents to the End includes:

  • Real Stories, Real Problems, and Real Solutions
  • A Bill of Rights for Parents of Adult Children
  • Twelve Truths to give parents clarity for this stage of parenting
  • Questionnaires and Worksheets
  • A template for short- and long-term plans with their Adult Children
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Author: Linda M. Herman

ISBN: 978-0-9836396-7-1