Live Book Club

Two-to-three weeks after the release of each chapter, we will host a live Twitter Book Club discussion on each chapter to give everyone a chance to ask questions of the authors. There is no additional fee for participation in the Twitter chat.


Use Twitter handle @ntiupstream to participate.

Twitter Book Club Discussions will take place at 9 A.M. Pacific Time on the following dates:


Chapter 1: How Does Learning Take Place?

  • Twitter Book Club: February 26th, 2018 @ntiupstream

Chapter 2: Understanding the Misunderstood: Factors Affecting a Child’s Behavior and Readiness to Learn

  • Twitter Book Club: April 9th, 2018 @ntiupstream

Chapter 3: The Brain and Learning

  • Twitter Book Club: June 5th, 2018 @ntiupstream

Chapter 4: Prenatal Alcohol Exposure: Effects on the Brain and Impact on Learning

  • Twitter Book Club: August 21st, 2018 @ntiupstream

Chapter 5: Structuring the Environment for Success

  • Twitter Book Club: October 9th, 2018 @ntiupstream

Chapter 6: Relational and Behavioral Approaches to Behavior Management

  • Twitter Book Club: TBD 2019 @ntiupstream

Chapter 7: Effective Educational Strategies

  • Twitter Book Club: TBD 2019 @ntiupstream

Chapter 8: Social-Emotional Learning

  • Twitter Book Club: TBD, 2019 @ntiupstream

Chapter 9: Special Education and Section 504, TBD

  • Twitter Book Club: 2019 @ntiupstream

Chapter 10: The Home/School Bridge

  • Twitter Book Club: TBD, 2019 @ntiupstream