Moment to Moment: Teens Growing Up With FASDs, Special Edition


Moment to Moment: Teens Growing Up With FASDs, Special Edition


Moment to Moment: Teens Growing Up With FASDs explores the lives of four adolescents with FASDs and the effect that prenatal alcohol exposure has had and continues to have on their journeys to finding independence, fulfillment, and understanding the world around them. The film takes an intimate and eye-opening journey into the lives of those affected by FASDs, their families and friends, and captures the challenges that families must overcome as children with FASDs reach maturity and attempt to strike out on their own as young adults.

The Special Edition Package includes:

  • The 56-minute documentary film Moment to Moment: Teens Growng Up With FASDs
  • A fully-scripted PowerPoint presentation created by Dr. Ira J. Chasnoff on FASDs in Adolescence
  • The new book Moment to Moment: Perspectives on FASDs in Adolescence written by a compilation of experts from the pediatric, judicial, social services, child psychology, education, and parenting, fields.
  • Full non-commercial public performance rights

Running time: 56-minutes. Functions in all DVD regions.

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