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New, online behavior management system

Cause & Consequence: Behavior Management System is built for those needing to manage children’s difficult behaviors. Developed by a team of pediatricians, psychologists, and special education teachers, Cause & Consequence utilizes operant conditioning principles and knowledge of child development. Overall, the approach is one of preventive behavior management, consistent with the core ideas of positive behavioral interventions and support (PBIS).



Learn what works and what doesn’t. Record and track Target Behaviors, Interventions Applied, Observed Behavior, and more.


Export records directly to your machine or device in PDF format for easy sharing. Attach reports to your email and distribute to anyone who is working with the child so that everyone is on the same page.

Interactive Matrix

Use the online interactive behavior matrix to select validated behavioral interventions to improve and ultimately prevent difficult behaviors.

See Beyond Behavior

Cause & Consequence prompts users to look beyond the behaviors they see - to break down and identify the specific behavioral difficulties and their root causes - and to take an ecological and individualized approach to address the child’s behavioral difficulties.


Video resource library

An extensive library of videos featuring content covering:

  • Behavior management techniques and strategies;

  • Brain functioning and the impact of children’s behavior;

  • Best practices for using the Behavior Matrix and Record Keeper;

  • The impact of prenatal substance use on children’s behavior and long-term outcomes;

  • Tips for parents and teachers on establishing consistent, practical, and effective interventions in the home and classroom;

  • How to look beyond the behaviors being presented to see the root causes of those behaviors;

  • And more!

New videos will be release bi-monthly. Videos are short, easy to understand, and accessible from any device.


Accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device. All you need is a WiFi or data connection.


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