Renaissance Village


Renaissance Village


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"A chief virtue of Renaissance Village is that the filmmakers didn't need to be polemical; the facts were sufficient to make the case, and that's what Chasnoff and his crew rely on. That approach, along with the compelling cast of characters and a dramatic narrative of life lived in extremis, makes this an important addition to the socially conscious documentary." - Bright Lights Film Journal

Renaissance Village is the award-winning, feature-length documentary about the largest FEMA  (Federal Emergency Management Agency) trailer park established after Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast.  The film has screened at ten film festivals, been nominated for and won several awards, and aired on PBS. To watch the trailer, view photos, and learn more, please visit

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Run time: 57-minutes

Dir. by Gabe Chasnoff

Produced by Gabe Chasnoff and Lou Karsen