What is social media?

Social media is a collection of online outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube (to name only a few!) that enable individuals and organizations to interact, share, and collaborate in the digital landscape. Effectively utilizing social media can expand the reach of your organization's brand and engage your target audience with informative content. Used properly, social media can be an extraordinarily powerful method of sharing your message with the world. 

Dialogue, Not Monologue

Developing an effective, focused, and consistent social media strategy is extremely important. The purpose of creating a social media campaign should not be simply to get "likes", followers, or fans; rather, it should be to engage with others who can help support, share, and contribute to your cause.

An effective social media strategy should:

  • tell your story
  • promote your message
  • engage both your existing clients and new audiences
  • provide content that is pertinent and informative for your audience

Done correctly, social media is dialogue, not monologue. Your messaging should inspire conversation, questions, curiosity, and engagement. 

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Why is social media so important?

 As people use digital technology more and more to communicate with each other, acquire information, and make choices, it's imperative that your organization's voice and its values be part of the conversation. Here are a few reasons why utilizing social media is so important:

  • Reach your target market and clients directly and provide them with information that is pertinent to their lives.
  • Engage existing clients and create new ones.
  • Enhance and bolster your organization's brand, brand identity, brand loyalty, online visibility, and search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Get the word out. People are listening and searching for credible voices. Become a destination for valuable information.
  • Every post on social media is an opportunity for others to link to your content and drive traffic to your site. Empower the community to market your organization and share your message. 

The effectiveness of your company's social media presence is dependent upon the care and effort put forth into the development and distribution of engaging content. Managing social media is a full-time job. It requires the continual development of fresh and intriguing content, insight into how to format, distribute, and properly share information across multiple channels, and the ability to appropriately converse in a digital language. Understanding how to use social media and speak the language is a major part of ones online success.

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