Digital Pass - Online Annual Subscription


Digital Pass - Online Annual Subscription

199.00 every 12 months

Annual subscription. Cancel anytime.

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2018 Digital Pass customers will receive an automatic $49 refund after their purchase.

Online access to the following:

• Automatic registration to all of our live webinars hosted by Dr. Ira Chasnoff. Learn more about the series.

• Our entire catalog of webinar recordings, including all recordings from the 2019 webinar series. Recordings are released 1-2 weeks after each live presentation. View the current list.

• The new serial e-book Guided Growth: Educational Interventions for Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders by Dr. Ira J. Chasnoff and Dr. Ron Powell.

• The acclaimed documentary film Moment to Moment: Teens Growing Up with FASDs.

• The animated video series Frequently Asked Questions About FASDs, The Dangers of Marijuana Use During Pregnancy, The Dangers of Secondhand Tobacco Smoke.

• New educational content posted throughout the year.


Annual subscription. Cancel anytime. Your card will be charged automatically on the 1-year anniversary of your subscription purchase. Should you choose to cancel your subscription, you will have access to the online content until your subscription expires. Questions? Please feel free to contact us.